Relative humidity in your indoor garden

What is Relative Humidity? Humidity is a term used to describe the concentration of water in the air. Warmer air can hold more water vapor; the maximum amount of water that air can hold is contingent upon the temperature of the air; the warmer the air the greater amount of water vapor that can be held.  The capacity of water that the air can hold changes with temperature.  The temperature also influences the volume of water that the air can … Continue Reading


Reducing Aphid Infestation

Aphids are soft-bodied insects that use their piercing sucking mouth parts to feed on plant sap.  They usually occur in colonies on the undersides of tender terminal growth. Heavily-infested leaves can wilt or turn yellow because of excessive sap removal. While the plant may look bad, aphid feeding generally will not seriously harm healthy, established trees and shrubs. However, some plants are very sensitive to feeding by certain aphid species. Saliva injected into plants by these aphids may cause leaves to pucker … Continue Reading


Garden Transplanting Basics

Hey everybody! This is Sarti from Santa Cruz Hydro – Scotts Valley (formerly Rooted Hydroponics), here with your gardening tips and tricks of the month…the basics of garden transplanting. First, make sure you have enough material; whatever you choose as your medium. One of my favorite nutrients for successful transplanting is Botanicare Liquid Karma. I found it works well with anything from rock wool, coco, pro-mix, to soil. I like to use it as a root drench to prepare the … Continue Reading